Kappa Engineering will repair or remanufacture any hydraulic cylinder. We keep service exchange units in stock as the market allows, and it is always worth it to enquire from us if you need any OEM cylinder. Our remanufacture department will strip the cylinder, assess the damage and report back to you with a quote. We are Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs experts.

There are two general categories which define hydraulic cylinder repairs:


A valid and thorough repair of the cylinder, but not to OEM spec. This means we will hone the bore larger or use a slightly different rod sizes and adjust the spec of the gland and piston to suit the items. Manufacturing these wear parts to match the adjusted bore and rod size greatly increases the viability of economical repair.


A remanufactured cylinder is repaired to OEM spec. Any part of the cylinder that cannot be reused or does not conform to OEM standards will be manufactured and the cylinder will be rebuilt. The cylinder will then be extensively tested to ensure the highest quality standards.

Kappa Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs Collection & Deliveries

We collect and deliver using our fleet of bakkies and trucks. Our repairs department will give you a fair price for quality work. We will share our industry knowledge to lower your operational costs and ensure minimal downtime.

Kappa Engineering Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs

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  • Bell B50 steering and lift cylinder
  • CAT 777 hoist cylinder
  • CAT 785 cylinder
  • CAT 938 lift and tilt cylinder
  • CAT D11 ripper tilt cylinder ×2
  • Hitachi ZX470 bucket cylinder
  • Hitachi ZX670 bucket cylinder
  • Hitachi ZX850 boom cylinder x2
  • Hitachi ZX870 bucket and stick cylinder
  • Hitachi ZX870 track adjuster cylinder
  • Komatsu 375 blade lift cylinder
  • Liebherr 984 boom cylinder
  • Liebherr 984 bucket cylinder
  • Sandvik 180 rotary actuator
  • Sandvik 240 rotary actuator
  • Sandvik 360 rotary actuator
  • Volvo A30 lift cylinder

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At Kappa Engineering we provide hydraulic cylinder repairs services as the client requires. We will repair or remanufacture any hydraulic cylinder. We keep service exchange units in stock as the market allows, and it is