Kappa Engineering’s product range is focused on hydraulic cylinders. Within the hydraulic field, there is virtually no cylinder we cannot manufacture or repair. We can design any custom hydraulic cylinder to fit any project you can throw at us.

Kappa cylinders are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our knowledgeable staff, production capacity and strategic partnerships with suppliers have given us the competitive edge. Our production facility is serviced by state-of-the-art machinery and our artisans are well renowned for their precision and accuracy. We deliver high quality cylinders on time! Our product line consists of:

Arrange a meeting with our engineering design team. Once you provide the details of your project, Kappa Engineering will design a cylinder to solve your problem.

Kappa Engineering manufactures all popular variations of tipping and sloping cylinders used for side-tipping or sloping plant and equipment. 

A high-pressure, welded hydraulic cylinder used for applications of 250 bars of pressure. This is a durable work-horse that can handle tough jobs. You can order the cylinder simply by providing us with the tonnage you have in mind, and the closed and open centres.

Low-pressure hydraulic cylinders, also called tie-rod cylinders are used mainly for packaging and agricultural applications. These cylinders can handle up to 150 bars of pressure.

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