Kappa Engineering at the Mega-T Expo

Kappa Engineering exhibited its services and expertise at the Mega-T Expo earlier this month.

Kappa Engineering at the Mega-T Expo

Mega T Expo

Kappa Engineering exhibited its services and expertise at the Mega-T Expo earlier this month. The exhibition was a success for Kappa and establishes that real-life interaction with customers and potential new customers is still successful in building good relationships with other experts in the industry.

HP Steyn of KragDag and the event organiser said that “the expo is a tremendous opportunity for businesses in the industry to showcase products and services and meet their niche markets – in an open, relaxed, outdoor setting. It is also the ideal platform to reconnect with existing clients – and meet potential new clients. After the restrictions Covid placed on us over the past two years, the industry is hungry for an event where they can interact face-to-face, do business and enjoy the outdoors. Mega-T does just that!”

The Mega-T Way

Gerrie du Toit of Kappa Engineering adds, “expos assist with direct contact with clients as it is industry related, as can be seen by the list of exhibitors consisting of OE manufacturers, agents, and end users. Kappa can meet with these companies’ owners, managers and important figures. Kappa had the chance to showcase their new telescopic cylinders and other transport components”.

Gerrie explains that real-life exhibitions directly expose people from the industry because Kappa can showcase its physical products at these shows. “We have the opportunity for customers to come to them instead of us searching for potential customers. We also get the latest updates, improvements, changes, developments and trends in the industry”. 

Although the Mega-T expo is new, exhibitors are all from the transport industry. It is Kappa’s expectation that this expo will grow its footprint in the trucking industry.

Kappa had the opportunity to meet with many visitors, including business owners,  managers and people of importance. The show was hosted by the RFA (Road Freight Association) in support of the organisers. “It was also important that high-value items were displayed, locally manufactured and their/ the imported range of products” Gerrie concludes.

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